A TESLA driver shared a trick to keep takeout orders from smelling like your car.

E-vehicles like Teslas have a lot of perks, like driving in HOV lanes without another passenger and so-called “funk.”

A Tesla driver shared a trick to stop takeout orders from smelling like your carCredit: Tiktok/trevsgreatlife
The TikToker used his front-wheel drive truck, also known as a frunk, to store his pizza box while drivingCredit: Tiktok/trevsgreatlife

A trunk is a common name for the front trunk of electric vehicles, which can be used for additional storage.

On gas cars, the front hood usually stores an internal combustion engine, but since electric vehicles don’t need an internal combustion engine, they can store all kinds of things, like pizza.

Tesla driver Trevor Laird (@trevsgreatlife) took to TikTok to share how he’s putting his belly to good use.

“So let me show you the most useful feature of a Tesla,” he said in a video from late August.

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Trevor then filmed inside his Tesla while parked outside Pizza Hut.

“So let’s say you stop by for pizza. Just open the box.”

He then showed himself placing a pizza box in the front storage area of ​​his car.

“So you put the pizza in the cupboard, and then you dump it in there.

“Now you can drive home without any smell getting into the car,” Trevor said.

The TikToker said in the caption of his video that the hack “works seriously well” and that it “will keep your car smelling like brand new!”

Trevor’s trick may keep your car from smelling bad, but what about keeping your food warm?

This TikToker shared his latest tip for keeping your fast food hot until you get home to eat it.

AutoTrader creator Vanarama (@vanaramauk) turned on the passenger seat heater in a 2022 video and said: “This right here is not a rear heater.”

The TikToker then placed the fast food bag on the seat and said: “Warmer burger!”

You can prevent your car from smelling like pizza if you have an e-car with a trunkCredit: Getty

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