Easy 7-Can Soup Recipe – How to Make Taco Style Soup

Easy 7-Can Soup Recipe – How to Make Taco Style Soup

These seven simple ingredients (well, eight!) result in the easiest soup recipe on the planet.

I made this soup Pioneer woman, my Food Network show from a few weeks ago, and it’s seriously one of those recipes that makes someone say things like, “Oh… can you repeat that?” and what?” and “Crazytown!” And other eye-opening questions/exclamations about how a simple list of ingredients can lead to something so good. 7-Can Soup has been around for a long time, and no two recipes are the same, but they basically come down to this:

Seven cans of whatever you want. Do not drain the cans. Just throw them violently into the bowl.

A type of gourmet cheese was stirred in at the end. Just a warning: the type of cheese I’m using is a bit creepy in its sophistication, so I apologize in advance. (It’s Velveeta.)

Serve this 30-minute meal with skillet cornbread or a grilled cheese sandwich. This soup is magical!

Can you leave out the cheese?

Sure, but why would you do such a thing? Velveeta gives the soup a delicious creamy flavor, but you can skip it if cheese isn’t your thing. If the problem is that you don’t have a block of Velveeta on hand, a block of cream cheese can be substituted. Or you can put a handful of grated cheddar cheese on each bowl. Or, yes, you can just leave out the cheese altogether.

What meat can you add to 7-can soup?

Minced meat will be a nice and tasty addition to this soup. Brown them in the pot and drain the fat before adding the other ingredients.

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Here are the cans you need for this 7 can soup! And you can change them, swap them, replace them, swap them… whatever cans you want to use!

From left to right, here are my crazy picks: canned chili peppers (which are one of the most questionable canned foods known to man), canned corn (I used the Fiesta variety!), canned black beans, canned pinto beans, canned kidney beans, and diced tomatoes.

Now, you may notice that there are only six cans in this picture. This is because I forgot to put a can of rutile in the picture. (But I didn’t forget to put it in the soup. It took me a while to remember!)

It will all make sense in a minute or two, when I’m actually adding an 8th ingredient to the 7 can soup which isn’t even a canned ingredient at all, so think about it, it won’t make sense in a minute or two.

But that’s what makes life exciting around my house.

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Open all the cans and start pouring them into a bowl…

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

And the magical thing about this soup…

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Is that you don’t even have to drain the cans!

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

And I give you permission to laugh while you pour the chili. It’s just…not a vision of beauty.

But it’s a vision of taste! I promise you.

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Mix everything and leave it to boil over low heat…

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Leave it on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes, until it is soft and hot.

And then…

And then?

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Throw a hunk of Velveeta.

Now, the instructions below will tell you to cut the Velveeta into cubes and add them.

But I love the bold courage of throwing it into the pan in one big chunk.

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Reduce the heat to low and stir the soup until the Velveeta is completely dissolved. It will turn the base so creamy you’ll want to dive right in. You will do it!

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

Layer it and add a little coriander if you have some.

Seven cans of soupcom.pinterest

You may be in shock now. You may be in disbelief. But you have to try this. It’s strangely delicious!

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