Easy pesto recipe – How to make pesto

Easy pesto recipe – How to make pesto

According to Ray Drummond, pesto is “one of the things that makes life worth living.” With floral basil, delicious pine nuts, aromatic garlic, salty Parmesan, and fruity olive oil, it’s easy to see how healthy they are! A natural partner for evening and summer barbecues, this vibrant green sauce is the perfect fresh condiment to liven up any dish.

What is basic pesto sauce made of?

This delicious sauce comes from the city of Genoa in Liguria, Italy. The word pesto is derived from the Italian word meaning “to pound” or “to crush.” With the smooth and chunky consistency of this sauce, the name is true. Whether you use a mortar and pestle, a chef’s knife, or a food processor (as in this recipe), basic basil pesto is made by combining pine nuts, garlic, basil, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. To keep the taste of the sauce bright, basil is also mixed with lemon juice. Since pine nuts can be hard on your pocket, sliced ​​or slivered almonds are delicious and economical alternatives. If you don’t have enough basil, arugula, peppers, or baby spinach are great additions.

What can be used for pesto?

Pesto is the perfect flavor enhancer to have on hand! There are many ways to use pesto. Spread it on sandwiches, pizza, eggs, or chicken. Stir them into pasta salad, quiche filling, soup, barbecue marinades, or hummus. Basically, anything that would welcome an herby, garlicky, cheesy, or oily flavor boost (and it’s hard to think of a delicious dish that doesn’t), add some pesto to it!

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