Experience the magic of Pole Speed ​​in Kingston, New York

Experience the magic of Pole Speed ​​in Kingston, New York

Whether you grew up with the book, the movie, or both, Pole clarification It has been a holiday mainstay since it was first published in 1985. The tale reminds us that “seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” Pole clarification It has been a big hit in my house for years. One year, my parents gave me the “Bell of Faith” award from the movie, which I still cherish to this day.

One of the Hudson Valley traditions presented by the Catskill Mountain Railroad is Pole clarification Train Ride, licensed by Rail Events Inc. It’s an amazing way to experience the magic of a story and increases anyone’s holiday spirit. Experience the magic of the book and movie firsthand in brightly decorated vintage 1950s wagons!

Catskill Mountain Railway in Kingston, New York

The Catskill Mountain Railroad is a heritage railroad based in Kingston, New York, that began operations in 1982. The Catskill Mountain Railroad is a for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the rail trail for recreational use throughout the season. All contributors are also railway volunteers. They rely on ticket sales and volunteer efforts to work and make continuous improvements.

The Polar Express is running again in the Hudson Valley

Can you believe you can get from Kingston to the North Pole and back in one day? You’ll be a believer when you relive the magic of the holiday classic, Pole clarification With the Catskill Mountain Railroad. The Magical Train Journey is an immersive ride that includes moving picture sounds as well as landmarks and characters as you read the original book written by Chris Van Allsburg. Once you board, the conductor will make his way through the coach and collect your golden ticket while you are served hot chocolate and delicious cake by our dancing chefs!

Once they arrive at the North Pole, Santa and his elves board the train to greet passengers and each guest is given the first gift of Christmas – a silver sleigh bell. During the flight, characters in each car lead passengers in carols and in-flight entertainment – ​​just like in the movie! Each guest will take home a souvenir sleigh bell along with the wonderful memories made on this unforgettable adventure.

Polar Express prides itself on its accessibility

Just as anyone and everyone is supposed to enjoy Christmas, so he does Pole clarification. The Catskill Mountain Railroad offers designated seating for families with sensory sensitivities. In these seats, sound and lighting levels will be less intense. There are also reserved seats for wheelchairs on board Pole clarification. To reserve these seats, Catskill Mountain Railroad asks that you call 845-332-4854, and they will assist you with accommodations.

The Hudson Valley agrees Pole clarification It is a magical experience

Just as watching a movie or reading a book has become an annual tradition for families in and around the Hudson Valley during the holidays, so too has a visit to the Catskill Mountain Railroad. These are some of the testimonials they left on their website:

– vlcnyc (from tripadvisor.com), Staten Island, New York

YouTube/Catskill Mountain Railroad

YouTube/Catskill Mountain Railroad

– Jill Short

YouTube/Catskill Mountain Railroad

YouTube/Catskill Mountain Railroad

– Alison Phillips

Pole clarification The train ride with the Catskill Mountain Railway will continue from now until December 29. To reserve your seat on the plane pole clarification, Visit his website!

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