Eid salads and pickles for sale. (Photo: Fest & Vettel via Facebook)

Unlike meal plans like Factor or Blue Apron that deliver hot, crunchy foods to your door, a company called Feast & Fettle will sell appetizers, sides, beer and wine pairings one at a time from a long-vacant office storefront between Harvard and Porter squares, licensing commissioners heard. Cambridge on Thursday.

Feast & Fettle is expanding to a 1,324-square-foot location at 1699 Massachusetts Avenue in the Baldwin neighborhood and to another location in Newton simultaneously from its first store in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, said attorney Thomas Miller.

The Cambridge location is not expected to open until the end of the year, a Feast & Fettle representative said Tuesday by phone.

“They specialize in providing high-quality, home-cooked meals served family style,” Miller said. “Not everyone has the ability or foresight to place these orders ahead of time, so Feast & Fettle found an order to have these meals on-site for quick pickup…I can stop by Feast & Fettle, get a full meal, take it home, and enjoy it that evening.” ”

Meals are prepared in the Feast & Fettle kitchen. (Photo: Fest & Vettel via Facebook)

A peek at the week’s online menu shows everything from baked cod with lemon and olives to Joe’s sliders, and vegetarian and vegan items are included, with sides like roasted cauliflower with fennel and ground pecans and roasted carrots with maple sea salt butter. There are kids’ meals and on-the-go snacks like yogurt parfaits, cheddar eggs, baked goods, soups and salads. The store promises no less than eight entrees to choose from, all made off-site, and three of which are meat-free.

An entrée that’s supposed to serve two people is $16 from the store, and sides are $12. A combined entree and two sides that serve two people costs $36, according to the store’s help line.

Feast & Fettle will also offer between $65 and $235 per week, and there is a dine-in option — a few small tables for salads, Miller said.

“They have some to-go salads, maybe a sandwich or two” for dine-in, “but it’s very minimal, and that’s not a very big part of their business,” Miller said.

It’s also not a store that competes with nearby wine bars or liquor stores: there are perhaps a half-dozen red and white wines on hand, just to make meal selection more efficient. Feast & Fettle’s liquor sales in Rhode Island represent only 3 percent of its business, Miller said.

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