Five topics you should avoid talking about the Thanksgiving meal

Five topics you should avoid talking about the Thanksgiving meal

The Thanksgiving meal is shown in an undated file photo. (Getty Images)

GHENT, W.Va. (WVNS) – Thanksgiving is here, a time when families and friends gather to celebrate, reunite with loved ones and reminisce about good old memories.

However, Thanksgiving meals can also go awry if the topics discussed go down a bad path. This seems to be the trend at a lot of family meals and gatherings. However, there is a chance to avoid future arguments if you follow the following tips on topics to avoid at Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are five themes that are best kept to yourself when celebrating the holiday meal.


Religion is a big topic for people, especially if you don’t believe in it. Because some religions have different beliefs and values ​​than others, tension may escalate when personal input is given. Especially in today’s religious climate, focusing the conversation on broader topics that everyone can get behind is probably the best option.


This is a topic that people should completely stay away from when eating a Thanksgiving meal. If you and another guest or family member have opposing views, it could lead to a heated argument. Politics can be a sensitive topic as not everyone will agree on it, especially since politics has become a divisive topic for many.

Finance and jobs

Finances can be stressful all year long. That’s why many want to keep this topic private. Talking about finances or lack of money can not only lead to heated arguments but competition as well. You don’t need to argue about who has the better job and who makes more money.


This topic can lead to a lot of stress and tension. There will always be that one relationship on the table where parents try to push them into marriage, or judge them for living together, or ask them if they will give them grandchildren. Everything will come in due time!


Weight gain or loss is another sensitive issue for some because it may be a problem that is more out of their control than for others. Again, weight can be something everyone deals with throughout the year. It’s no use bringing this up about a holiday that’s all about giving thanks and having a turkey-centric feast.

Each topic is a sensitive topic for many who deal with it. So, on a holiday surrounded by giving thanks for everything and everyone in our lives, it’s important to remember exactly that.

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