NEW ORLEANS (PRESS RELEASE) – Galatoire’s is pleased to announce the Chateau Leoville Las Cases Wine Dinner featuring a five-course tasting menu of culinary creations prepared by Galatoire’s Executive Chef Philippe Lopez and designed specifically for the Leoville Las Cases wine collection. The dinner will be held at Galatoire Restaurant (209 Bourbon Street, New Orleans) at Wednesday 27 Septemberwith a reception at 6:30pm and dinner at 7pm and the evening menu includes:

Hand-passed appetizers With sparkling pairing

First seminar

Paired: Chateau Botensac Medoc 2015

Foie gras torch with apples

Muscadine, celery root, hay smoke

Second period

Paired: Chateau Ninin Grand Vin Pomerol 2018

Beet salad

Smoked salmon, pistachios, goat cheese

Third session

Paired: Clos de Marquis Saint-Julien 2008

Tea smoked chicken

Moroccan black olives, grilled onions, eggplant

Fourth session

Paired: Chateau Léouville Las 1995 and 2010 cases

Grilled Wagyu Beef Strip Away

Black garlic, chipotle, hazelnut

Final course

Chocolate tart

Sea salt, berries, crunchy pearls

Ticket price is $146 per person, plus taxes and service fees. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit or click here.

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