Google Doodle on Monday celebrates “Respect for the Elderly Day 2023,” also known as Keirō no Hi or 敬老の日 in Japanese. This day is celebrated on the third Monday of every September. In Japan, this day holds deep cultural significance because it honors the elderly.

For the first time in mid-September 1947, a village in Hyogo Prefecture originally celebrated “Old People’s Day.” As the idea spread, communities across Japan began holding celebrations to honor their elders.
In 1966, Respect for the Elderly Day became a national holiday. This holiday was new in Japan, however, respect for the elders had always existed.

Visits from parents, grandparents and other family members to give a gift, have a meal, or just spend time together are among the most common ways to celebrate this day.
In addition, the government provides a silver-plated cup to those who turn 100 in the year before the festival, and volunteers provide free dinners to their elder neighbors.
The media in Japan devotes programs to some of the country’s elderly and interviews them to learn about their experiences and advice on how to live a long and healthy life.

School children perform songs and dances at Kirukai ceremonies, and older competitors in athletics or fitness competitions cannot match their verve.
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