Gordon Ramsay deems TikToker ‘the new pesto queen’ after viral video

Gordon Ramsay deems TikToker ‘the new pesto queen’ after viral video

Susie Vidal has been mocked by the internet for her homemade pesto video, but she was recently dubbed the “new pesto queen” by professional chef and cookery presenter Gordon Ramsay.

Earlier this year, the TikToker and home cook went viral for her “Dinner Girl” video in which she said: “Call me crazy if you want, but I’ve never liked store-bought pesto.”

The video has racked up 17.8 million views and inadvertently sparked a trend among fellow TikTokers sharing their crazy stories. They include an influencer who was legally kidnapped from an all-girls boarding school, a pregnant woman who gave birth to twins from Mono Mono, and a woman who carried out a decades-long revenge on a man who insulted her at a comedy club.

In her latest video, which has racked up 3 million views, Vidal catches up with the 57-year-old restaurateur.

Then she asked him what he thought about people calling her crazy because she didn’t like store-bought sauce. He admitted that he also hated the product, and that “madness makes a great chef.”

“I think it’s a good thing you don’t like store-bought products,” Ramsay said.

“Most importantly, you can make amazing pesto, so no more store-bought. This is the new queen of pesto!”

“I don’t think Gordon realizes he’s finally hit it big! Soucy has put him on the map!” reads one comment.

From another user: “This is the crossover I needed. I wanted to hear the story about Gordon’s store-bought pesto.”

Ramsay has been known to connect with home cooks on TikTok by commenting on their dishes.

His latest franchise in the field of cooking, chef next level, It also allows social media chefs to compete alongside home cooks and professional chefs to win $250,000.

From the sound of Vidal’s video, Ramsay tasted (and enjoyed) her food — could she be a new contestant on one of his shows? Only time will tell, though it’s already changed the lives of other TikTok chefs. 22-year-old Tinky Young (@tinekeyounger), also known as Tiny, recently competed on the show and now has her own cooking series under Fox and Ramsay called from zero.

“I’m only a year out of culinary school, and I’ve already cooked for Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blaise and Nisha Arrington,” she said of the project. Chef next level expertise.

“This is a win for me. Yes, I did not win the competition overall, but I won a lot in my cooking knowledge.”

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