Of all the maturity checks indicated by the face, only two will be considered acceptable to Ramsay. In its own way to a perfect steak, the doneness level is somewhere between cheek and chin, which means it is medium rare. Medium rare is often cited as the ideal doneness for steak. It hits a sweet spot where the steak is tender and juicy, due to the intact proteins and resulting fat. But this affection does not translate to the forehead.

Ramsay is a notorious hater of undercooked steak. He stated that “no matter how good beef is, it has transcended any form of taste when well cooked” (via YouTube). Well-done steaks tend to be those that have been cooked to the point where there is no pink left on the inside. Depending on the cut of meat, an undercooked steak tends to be chewy to the touch and somewhat burnt on the outside.

So, if you’re planning on taking Ramsay’s advice, and we definitely think you should, stick to cooking steaks between the cheek and the chin. Avoid the forehead at all costs, lest Ramsay attack you in rage and anger. It won’t actually do that…but you never know.

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