There will be a signing and tasting for Chef Siddon Shaws’ cookbook memoirs, From the hill by the sea In Halifax Hoboken in Thursday, September 21 from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. For tickets, visit

Real cooking is about following your heart rather than a recipe, because cooking is more than just a combination of ingredients from the land, sea and farm, according to Chef Seddon Shows, a prominent Nova Scotia chef who has brought her cuisine to the Hoboken Coast. He explains in detail his philosophy through recipes and memories, in From the Hill by the Sea, a cookbook-memoir. Executive Chef of Halifax Hoboken, Chef Seddon is a memoir and recipe memoir of cooking and life, educating the reader about Chef Seddon’s Nova Scotia roots of foraging, handcrafting, and cooking from the land with heart and soul.

From the hill by the sea It is a unique and entertaining journey through discovery and culinary joy as Chef Siddon weaves together his childhood memories of hunting, foraging, mushroom hunting and cooking at home and abroad.

“My goal was to engage readers and inspire them to try new (and wild) ingredients and cooking methods,” says Chef Seddon. Get ready to learn how to forage, find new routes, and more!

Come experience the cuisine and recipes from the cookbook, meet Chef Seddon, pick up a book, and have a fun evening!

$50 per ticket without book; $95 per ticket with book.

Halifax is located at the W Hotel, 255 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030. For hours, menus, and more information including special events and catering, please visit and call 201.253.2500.

Image source: Courtesy of Halifax-Hoboken

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