How to dilute store-bought pesto without sacrificing flavor

How to dilute store-bought pesto without sacrificing flavor

Being Italian, the most natural choice for something that can best temper pesto is an ingredient in the Italian culinary canon.

Adding olive oil will be a great way to thin out the pesto while not messing with the flavor too much. The liquid component of pesto is olive oil, which adds richness, tang and earthiness to the mixture. In fact, you may want to look for a higher quality and therefore more flavored olive oil for this purpose to enhance the natural flavour. Another rich addition to pesto that will completely transform the sauce is a little heavy cream, which will add a luscious layer to the bright flavors of the pesto. It’s not hard to imagine a creamy pesto sauce covering fresh pasta.

However, if you don’t want to add more richness to your pesto, but prefer to make the flavor more complex with a little acid, you can get by with a touch of vinegar or some lemon juice. These will contrast with the olive oil and cheese in the pesto and bring a bite that will make the pesto a perfect addition to a green or cold vegetable salad.

There is no one right way to go about making canned pesto sauce suit your needs. As long as you keep in mind the flavors of the pesto — keep in mind that pesto is not made the same way — as well as the ultimate intention, you’ll likely find a delicious solution.

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