How to get every meal recipe in Stardew Valley

How to get every meal recipe in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley It is a game that has a relatively extensive cooking mechanic, with up to 80 dishes that can be prepared in the game. From classic American-style comfort food to Fern Island curries, you can become a chef enthusiast and stay healthy and active along your journey as the Valley’s Greatest Farmer.


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There are several ways to learn recipes in the game, such as trusted friends, celebrity icons, and natural skills you learn along the way on your journey. We’ve detailed how to get each recipe in the game and what ingredient(s) you’ll need to prepare them. Happy cooking!

Updated on December 16, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalas: Are you planning to collect all the recipes available in Stardew Valley? We’ve modified the format of this guide slightly to help you on your culinary journey.

Sauce Queen Recipes

A player watches the Sauce Queen

The main way you’ll learn recipes is by listening to the Valley’s favorite cooking show, Queen of sauce. You can Learn a new recipe every week from themso it’s essential to check your TV (or simply use this guide) to determine when a new recipe or repeat you missed will air.

New recipes are broadcast every Sunday for the first two years in the gameand a random replay will be played on Wednesdays.

Below are all of The Queen of Sauce’s recipes in chronological order as they appear on air.

Friendship recipes

Message Clint's recipe for algae soup

A large part of the recipes are learned by Make friends with the characters in the game. When you get close to them, they will Reveal their favorite dishes via mailAnd also how to make it yourself. Start talking to your neighbors whenever you can!


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Level up recipes

Fishing level screen in Stardew Valley

Some dishes are discovered when you level up your skillswhich includes agriculture, foraging, fishing, mining, and combat.

These recipes are common Increase stats that are critical to said skill activitiesSo it’s great to bring them with you.

Other recipes

Juice Salon Star Drop Menu

Finally, let’s take a look at the latest recipes you can get. Recipes it They do not fall under the above categories It can be found here.


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