How to make pesto with linguine

How to make pesto with linguine

Gameloft Disney’s Dreamlight Valley It has a lot of fun mechanics to keep players busy, and cooking is sure to be a favorite among many players. Players can use prepared meals to earn Star Coins or replenish their lost energy. Moreover, it can also be shared with villagers to increase friendship levels, which can help players unlock friendship quests.

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Disney’s Dreamlight ValleyFirst expansion, Rift in time, introduced many new recipes, and pesto with linguini is one of them. As a four-star meal, it can be prepared using four ingredients. Keep reading to learn how to make pesto with linguine and where to find its ingredients Disney’s Dreamlight Valley.


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The Good Ol’ Fashioned Burger is a delicious three-star meal at Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s how you can achieve it.

Pesto with Linguine Recipe at Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

Ingredients used to make pesto with linguini include:

  • wheat
  • ghee
  • garlic
  • marjoram.

Gather the required ingredients

Growing wheat in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Wheat, a grain ingredient, is available in Goofy’s Stalls in Ancient’s Landing and Peaceful Meadow. After purchasing the expansion, you’ll have access to the Ancient’s Landing Kiosk, where you can purchase it as a fully grown ingredient or in seed form. Wheat is available at a cost of three Star Coins, while a bag of its seeds costs one Star Coin.

Butter is an essential dairy ingredient for this pesto with linguine recipe. Head to Chez Remy’s warehouse and buy Butter for 190 Star Coins. Remember, you will only be able to access the restaurant if you complete the Ancient Landing’s Fine Dining quest.

Garlic is a spice that can be obtained from the ground in the Forest of Courage. Once there, locate the garlic nodes on the ground. Each harvest will give you one garlic.

Oregano growing in the plaza at Disney's Dreamlight Valley.

The last ingredient, oregano, is very easy to obtain. It can be found growing in the Plaza, the first biome of the game. It is plentiful in this area, so you will be able to gather a lot of oregano in a short time.

With all the ingredients on hand, all that’s left to do is cook. Go to the cooking station at your home or at Chez Remy and interact with the pot. Place all the ingredients in the bowl one by one to cook the pesto with linguine. Make sure you add the right ingredients, as adding a different ingredient can result in a completely different meal.

Pesto with Linguine is a delicious entree that retails for $1,000 438 star coins. In addition, you can also use it for recovery 1,063 energy Or share it with your wonderful friends to raise your friendship levels.

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