How to Serve a Halloween Pumpkin Snack Platter Like a Pro

To make a large orange pumpkin, you’ll need a lot of orange-colored food. Naturally, you’ll want to reach for some orange-colored cheeses, such as American cheddar, pre-packaged soft cheeses, dark Gouda that leans toward the orange side, and imported cheeses like Devonshire Red. If you’re looking for gourmet cheeses, shop the gourmet cheese section at stores like Whole Foods and Wegmans, where they have pre-cut pieces, so you can see the color of the cheese on the inside.

However, the snack plate is about more than just cheese. Mix in some fruits and vegetables, such as carrot sticks, orange peppers, peeled clementines or tangerine pieces, nectarine or peach slices, dried apricots, and orange cherry tomatoes. You’ll also need some black stuff for the eyes, nose, and mouth of your light lantern, so grab some blackberries, black olives, or dark purple carrots.

It’s not a snack bar without snacks, so fill your shopping list with some crunchy and salty snacks, like cheese crackers, Cheetos, Doritos, sun chips, cheese popcorn, and cheese balls. It’s also acceptable (and even encouraged) to incorporate a dip or two, so add the ingredients for a cream cheese pumpkin dip and a jar of queso to the menu. Additionally, you can add a bowl of chickpeas with some turmeric to turn it orange, or mix a packet of taco seasoning with some sour cream for an orange-colored taco sauce.

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