How to survive Christmas as a vegetarian

How to survive Christmas as a vegetarian

WWhether you’re eating turkey or making mushroom Wellington this year, there’s at least one thing meat-eaters and vegetarians can agree on: Christmas dinner isn’t complete without roast potatoes.

So, we should all be concerned about the news of potato shortages after a very difficult year for farmers. Torrential rains and flooding from Storms Agnes, Babette and Kieran (they’re not a punk band, but they certainly should be) produced a record potato production of 4.1 million tonnes. Well, at least we can avoid the debate over whether they should be served mashed or grilled. Supplies of broccoli and cauliflower were also severely affected.

But perhaps this news isn’t just another opportunity to complain about the weather, but to address a more serious issue about the way we eat in Britain.

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