A fitness freak has shared her favorite meal, which she claims helped her on her weight loss journey.

She claimed to have lost 54 pounds without counting calories, using her five-minute recipe.

Kaley is a digital content creator and fitness enthusiast who posts about her weight loss on TikTokCredit: TikTok/calibabyoficial
She shared her five-minute recipe for success, saying it helped her lose weight and that she doesn’t count caloriesCredit: TikTok/calibabyoficial

Cali (@calibabyoficial) filmed herself making tried-and-true treats in a TikTok video.

“I lost 54 pounds by changing the way I eat. No calorie counting, nothing like that. No crazy diets. All health, nutrition, consistency, and exercise.

“Today I’m going to show you what I eat for breakfast so you can start practicing those healthy habits, start putting them into your life, and so you can start moving toward your goals.

“Now honey, it took me a while to lose 54 pounds. Two years to be exact. Well, I lost 30 pounds initially at the beginning of my diet.

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“I want to say ‘change,’ but the rest of the weight, it’s been fluctuating up and down for another year and a half. So it’s going to take some time. Be patient.”

“I’m going to make my own banana tortilla chips. Amazing recipe. Okay.”

“If you do a veggie and protein challenge, eat vegetables and protein for seven days. You will see amazing health benefits. You will see weight loss,” she said.

She chopped up some zucchini while discussing her lifestyle change, calling it a seven-day challenge.

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“My 7-Day Challenge is not just a weight loss challenge, but a way to boost your health. It’s an anti-inflammatory way to eat. So you’ll feel a certain kind of way.”

“And I’m talking about all the good side effects of changing the way you eat. OK? Blurred vision, if you have chronic fatigue, or if you’re always bloated, that will go away with the seven-day challenge.”

“You’ll see,” she said. “But don’t take my word for it. Just do it. All right.”

She referred to her eating style as healthy and not dieting.

“This isn’t a diet, guys. This is health.”

She also recommended juicing to incorporate the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

“So many amazing benefits, okay? Not only for your skin, hair, and health, but you’ll get rid of parasites.”

“Everyone has it. The amazing thing about carrot juice is that it kills the parasite egg. You’re welcome.”

“And here it is, ladies and gentlemen,” she said. “I had a zucchini omelet, two egg whites, plain and simple this morning. This is the magic right here, a plantain tortilla.”

She revealed her step-by-step process for making an egg white zucchini omelet with plantain tortillasCredit: TikTok/calibabyoficial
Kale also recommended juicing it, and opting for carrot juice for additional health benefitsCredit: TikTok/calibabyoficial

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