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Little Debbie’s snack cake mogul recently caught fire (pun intended)! The company currently has two collaborations that I can actually get behind. First, the company teamed up with GooseCreek Candle Company to create candles that smell like your favorite Little Debbie snacks — candle scents include Nutty Buddy, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Swiss Rolls, and more. The GooseCreek website explains:

We baked something new! Now’s your chance to make your entire house smell like Little Debbie® snack! Experience ultra-realistic scents created in collaboration with Little Debbie® flavor experts. From classic Oatmeal Cream Pies to fan-favorite Cosmic® Brownies, our newest collaboration is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Once your house smells like sugary snacks, you can grab some ice cream mixed with your favorite snack cakes, thanks to a collaboration between Little Debbie and Hudsonville ice cream makers. They launched their first flavour, Christmas Tree Cakes, in November 2021, then seven more flavors in January 2022:

Oatmeal Cream Pies: Creamy vanilla ice cream with soft oatmeal cookie pieces and a drizzle of molasses

Cosmic brownies: Brownie ice cream filled with mini rainbow chips and brownie pieces

Zebra Cakes: White cake ice cream with yellow cake pieces and milk chocolate fudge

Honey cakes: Honey cake flavored ice cream with glazed honey cake pieces and a sweet cinnamon swirl

Strawberry Cake Rolls: White cake ice cream with yellow cake pieces and strawberry tart swirl

Swiss Rolls: Chocolate cake ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and a swirl of whipped cream

Walnut boards: Peanut butter ice cream with waffle cone pieces, chocolate and a thick fudge swirl

The collaboration is still going strong, and Little Debbie

Apple pies with fruits: Cinnamon vanilla ice cream base with apple pie filling and pie crumbs

Chocolate cream pies: Vanilla ice cream base with chocolate chip cookie pieces

Turtle brownies: A brownie mix flavored ice cream base filled with brownie batter, crushed peanuts and a caramel swirl

Pumpkin delights: Pumpkin flavored ice cream base with spiced cookie swirl

Little Debbie’s snack cakes take me back to my childhood – I think I’ll indulge my inner child with an Oatmeal Creme Pies candle and a pint of Turtle Brownies ice cream.

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