In a park in Hebei Province, China, children offer bananas to a human dressed as the Monkey King. Video clips of this matter spread on social media.

The man who plays the character is nicknamed Yu. In the video, he performs a story about how the Monkey King was buried under a mountain for 500 years.

Many children offer u items such as biscuits, potato chips, instant noodles and the most common bananas.

“I’m hungry. Very delicious,” Yu says.

Write a funny caption for this photo. What snack does the Monkey King want when he’s trapped?

Deadline is 12 noon on September 20th. We will publish the best ones next week.

Top captions from last week

Torres Kan Pak Hee (5 years old), Munsang College Kindergarten: the T-Rex The dinosaurs look very hungry.

Truda Kan Hye-kyo (5 years old), Munsang College Kindergarten: T-Rex dinosaurs have just woken up.

Chan Pak Tak (7 years old), St. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School (Pu Kong Village Road): They are very precious and we must protect them.

Chan Hylea (10 years old), St Paul’s College Primary School Co-ed: Don’t be a loser because of a dinosaur ulcer!

Racers at the T-Rex World Championship races in Washington, USA. Photo: AP

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