Is McDonald’s bringing back snack wraps?

Is McDonald’s bringing back snack wraps?

McDonald’s is finally planning to bring back a version of its beloved snack wrap, something fast food fans have been begging for since it was discontinued seven years ago.

The company plans to “aggressively expand” the chicken side of its business, adding menu items to its “McCrispy” line that includes wraps and tenders, according to a press release.

McDonald’s said its chicken sales are on par with beef sales, and it wants to offer McCrispy’s in almost all markets around the world by 2025.

“These planned innovations and new menu offerings reflect the company’s ability to rapidly test and scale to serve customers,” McDonald’s said.

The original snack wrap included a crispy chicken patty wrapped in shredded lettuce, cheese and ranch dressing on a tortilla.

According to multiple reports over the years, McDonald’s stopped offering menu items in American restaurants because they were time-consuming to prepare and were not as popular as they had hoped.

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