Jamie Oliver’s safe gravy recipe ‘to ensure the deliciousness’ of your Christmas dinner

Jamie Oliver’s safe gravy recipe ‘to ensure the deliciousness’ of your Christmas dinner

Jamie Oliver has shared a recipe for gravy guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds on Christmas Day – it’s so simple, the gravy will be so thick

Jamie Oliver said the broth would make people ‘very happy’(Jamie Oliver)

Gravy is arguably the best thing about a festive roast, however, it can be really hard to get it perfect – but don’t worry, as Jamie Oliver has a ‘fail-safe’ recipe to ensure smiles are on faces over Christmas. a period.

Too thin, too thick, not salty enough, or too salty – there are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to the delicious brown stuff we ladle on top of the roast. But Jamie Oliver promised that if you follow this recipe, you can make “the best gravy in the world,” no matter what type of meat you’re cooking.

Jimmy said this method “will give you an exceptional broth every time.” “Before I started roasting this beautiful turkey here, I had an empty tray and I chopped up some onions, leaving the skins on, that’s fine. Don’t bother peeling the carrots, just wash them,” he said in his YouTube video. And cut it into large pieces.

“Giblets often come with any poultry – get them in there. They’re the key to amazing flavour.” He also added rosemary, explaining that the purpose of adding all of these things to the tray is to “lift the bird off the bottom of the roasting tray, and absorb all the flavors that are being cooked.”

He then got a “little jam jar”, saying you had to “separate the fat”, which could be kept in the fridge “for months and months and months”, calling it a “blessing”.

He then said to “reduce the juices” remaining, saying there was “juice and amazing flavor” left simmering in the tray with the vegetables. Next, Jamie shared that there are “three principles” that will take you from “here,” the tray of vegetables and juices, to “amazing broth.”

He said you can use regular flour or cornmeal to thicken it, but then shared that there are “a couple kicks,” including jam, which “helps add incredible sweetness” and “tang” to the broth. But then there’s something to “remove that sweetness from the acidity,” so he recommended adding something like vinegar or beer.

This time, due to Christmas, he decided to add port to the smoothies, adding 100ml, or “half a glass of wine”. “Use this liquid to scrape all the goodness out of the side,” he recommended.

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