Kevin the Carrot Ice Cream in Aldi’s Christmas 2023 range | Scope preview

Kevin the Carrot Ice Cream in Aldi’s Christmas 2023 range |  Scope preview

Bloomer Specially Selected Seafood Cocktail


Large prawns, surimi, and cold water prawns tossed with mary rose cocktail sauce, lemon juice and apollo lettuce leaves between slices of salted bloomer bread.


Specially selected Turkish Roli-Poly joint


1.4 kg
Available from December 19th

A joint of free-range, slow-growing Norfolk turkeys.

Wagyu picanha with specially selected British peppers


£24.99 per kg/580g-830g
Available from December 19th

A piece of wagyu beef with pepper and spices. Serves four to six.

Whole Oakhurst leg of lamb with cherry and redcurrant glaze


£9.99 per kg/1.8kg-3.2kg
Available from December 19th

Whole leg of lamb with cherry and redcurrant glaze.


Melt in the middle filling bomb

WU4923Specially Selected Stuffing Bombs0002_PCM294535

Available from December 19th

Available in two flavors: ham, sage and onion with oozing cheese, or ham, chestnut and bacon with cranberry sauce filling.

Yorkshire pudding wrap with pigs in blankets

WU4823Yorkshire Pudding Wrap01_PCM294821

Available from November 30th

Two sausages wrapped in smoked bacon inside a buttery Yorkshire pudding wrapper.

Party food

Specially selected mini Yorkshire puddings


Available from December 8th

Mini Yorkshire pudding with British beef and horseradish sauce.

Specially selected chicken katsu spring rolls



Chicken spring rolls with katsu curry sauce.

Let’s celebrate with steamed gyoza and bao buns



Gyoza filled with chicken or mixed vegetables, and refreshing Hoisin duck bao buns.


Specially selected jointless jamon with marmalade glaze


Available from December 19th

Plant-based No Jamun Joint served with a glaze of sweet orange marmalade.

List of ultimate plant pigs in blankets


Available from December 19th

Made with Aldi’s award-winning Ultimate No Pork sausages and wrapped in smoked vegan bacon.

Wellington specially selected festive vegetables



Packed with veggies and cranberries, hand-rolled in buttery, vegan pastry.

Specially selected vegetable and potato roastis

11856127_Potato Vegetable Rostis01_PCM000000-Size


Available in two flavours: sweet potato, squash and butternut rosti with mixed greens drizzled with fresh pesto, or carrot, beetroot and broccoli rosti with mixed greens smothered in cream.

Vegan cookie bowl



Chocolate flavored cookie, covered with a layer of Belgian chocolate ganache.


Specially selected cheese truck tower


Available from December 8th

A tiered stack of cheese trucks including:

– 15 month extra mature coastal cheddar cheese (400g)
– Aged red Leicester (300 g)
– Wensleydale and sherry-soaked fruits (200 grams)
– Ripe coastal cheddar cheese and caramelized balsamic onions (100 grams).

Specially selected selection of cheese boards


Available from December 8th

It comes with rye crackers, sourdough, applesauce and spiced pears. A range of handcrafted British cheeses including:

-Bacon blue
– Leicester smoked red oak
-Farm mature cheddar
– Borland Plum Berry.

Specially selected five-year cheddar bread


Available from December 8th

Used Aldi five year old standby cheddar cheese in a ceramic dish ready to heat.


Country Cream Advent Calendar from Ballycastle


Available from October 26th

25-door calendar containing 21 Ballycastle cream flavored chocolates and three small bottles of cream (5 ml).

Glen Marnoch Whiskey Trio Gift Set


Available from October 29th

Glen Marnoch Triple Whiskey Gift Set including Island, Highland and Speyside single malt whiskies.

The Passionfruit and Pineapple Martini Infusion Cocktail is ready to drink


Available from November 6

A ready-to-pour cocktail with passion fruit and pineapple for an “elevated take on the traditional Pornstar Martini.”

Pomegranate and blood orange buck


Available from November 6

A citrus-infused fizz with notes of pomegranate and orange.

Highsmith Cranberry and Clementine Gin


Available from November 6

This citrus and cranberry gin was awarded a silver medal in the Spirits Business Gin Masters competition.

Infusionist Blue Raspberry Vodka


£16.99, 70cl
Available from November 6

Vodka blend of flavors including juicy raspberry.

Infusionist Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur


Available from November 6

Premium vodka mixed with smooth caramel and a pinch of salt.


Kevin’s Festive Hollow Milk Chocolate


Available from November 16th

Hollow chocolate in the shape of Aldi’s Christmas mascot Kevin the Carrot.

Kevin carrot ice cream

Image (1)

£1.09/4 x 60ml

Vanilla ice cream on a stick shaped like Aldi’s Christmas mascot Kevin the Carrot.

Double Chocolate Semifreddo Igloo


Available from November 6

Creamy frozen semifreddo mousse, filled with layers of chocolate and chewy meringue. It was served in the shape of an igloo, and finished with a milk chocolate penguin.

Specially filled and selected Millionaire Charm

11894537_CFRU_280723_Babylon Millionaires_PCM292221-1024x683

Available from November 6

Belgian chocolate in the shape of a hemisphere, filled with brownie pieces, cookie crumbs, white chocolate stars, chocolate mousse and salted caramel sauce.

Specially selected front-loaded Christmas tree


Available from November 10

Milk chocolate shaped like a Christmas tree and packed with fruit and spiced fudge pieces.

Specially selected ganache pine cones

11856127_Ganache Pinecones_PCM000000-1024x683

Available from November 8th

Available in two flavours: milk chocolate and sea salt or blonde chocolate and caramel, both with a smooth ganache base with an oozing sauce center, topped with pine cones, and studded with cookie balls.

Specially selected trees and ornaments filled with milk chocolate

11856127_Chocolate Trees_Christmas Sweets_PCM000000

Available from November 1

Milk chocolate Christmas trees filled with salted caramel or milk chocolate balls filled with caramel cookies, with details.

Chocolate popcorn bars


Available from November 1

Available in two different types, milk and candy chocolate or white chocolate.

Specially selected chocolate truffle crackers

11856127_Chocolate Crackers_PCM000000-1024x683

Available from November 1

Filled with alcoholic chocolate truffles and available in champagne or rum flavours.

DIY gingerbread house kit


Available from November 1

Comes with a pre-baked gingerbread base and decorations.

Specially selected Showstopper Ganache


Available from November 21st

Belgian milk chocolate and hazelnut, or blonde and Belgian white chocolate designs. Both are filled with layers of mousse and gooey ganache with crunchy biscuit balls.

Specially selected billionaire cheesecake

11856127_Billionaires Cheesecake_PCM000000-1024x683

Available from November 21st

Digestive biscuit base topped with cheesecake, caramel sauce, chocolate ganache and cocoa layer. Finished with chunks of milk chocolate.

Specially selected vegan cookie bowl


Available from December 19th

Chocolate flavored cookie, covered with a layer of Belgian chocolate ganache.

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