Level up your guacamole by adding pesto to the party

Level up your guacamole by adding pesto to the party

A bowl of guacamole, avocado, tomato, and potato chips
A bowl of guacamole, avocado, tomato and potato chips – Fcafotodigital / Getty Images

Is there a bad time for guacamole? Probably not. This ubiquitous classic Mexican dip is a great treat for any occasion, whether you’re looking for comfort, entertainment, or just something to please the palate. A harmonious combination of cream and walnuts, it never needs to be changed, but you can always improve it with an unexpected touch. As it turns out, pesto is the perfect choice.

The mismatched qualities of this combination are also what makes it uniquely attractive. Pesto is known for its delicate flavour, offering a wonderfully bright blend of herbs, nuts and rich tangy notes that dance with each other. When mixed with guacamole, it perfectly complements the nutty tones of avocado and lime. Overall, these staple dishes create a vibrant combination that effortlessly takes things to the next level, adding a special and subtle twist to an all-too-familiar taste.

With pesto added to the mix, you’ll have plenty of additional ways to use guacamole. Anything that pesto would typically work for, like pasta, sandwiches, salads, or pizza, the combination of guacamole and pesto also works great. As a dip, it’s excellent alongside crunchy tortilla chips and crunchy vegetables, but it’ll also kill it when served with grilled meats.

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Many ways to switch things up

Ingredients needed to make pesto

Ingredients for making pesto – Sokor Space / Shutterstock

It’s no surprise that this combination is so versatile. When making pesto, you can switch up the greens as you like, using kale, spinach or arugula instead of traditional basil. Condiments such as sauces and seasonings are also highly recommended to intensify the natural flavors and create complexity. The other main ingredients – herbs, cheese and nuts – are also interchangeable, so with each new batch, you have endless possibilities for experimentation.

Moreover, you can also add other ingredients to vary the flavor of the guacamole. Sun-dried tomatoes are a particularly popular choice because they bring a refreshing smokiness that pairs well with everything else. For those who love spicy food, fresh chili peppers never disappoint. Even a pinch of bacon can do wonders, weaving in a deep flavor that contrasts deliciously with the overall brightness.

Pesto expands beyond guacamole, and is also a great addition to countless other dips — most of which you’re probably already familiar with. When added to hummus, it brings an herbal touch that completely transforms the good old chickpea and tahini mixture. Creamy and tangy sauces like ranch, mayonnaise, or even Greek yogurt all taste like a dream once pesto joins the party. Of course, we definitely can’t forget pesto and its delicious and exciting flavors as well.

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