A great morning meal is essential to starting your day off right, so Time Out Market Chicago has welcomed two exciting new vendors to its lineup.

Lizzy J Cafe and Chi’Tiva have made their way to Fulton Market’s food court, offering guests an array of delicious options during the day. Whether you just need a cup of coffee or want to sit down to a delicious plate of chicken and waffles, both concepts offer compelling reasons to wake up early and stop by the market before your morning routine. Here’s everything you can expect.

Lazy J’s Cafe

Chef Jamie Gilmore jumped into the restaurant world in November of 2019 when she opened Lizzy J Cafe. Up until that point, Gilmore had been a home cook and learned the basics of the business from the women in her family at an early age — in fact, the restaurant’s name is a tribute to her grandparents. Although she had little professional culinary experience, coming from the dental field, Gilmore knew this was something she wanted to pursue.

“I was so fascinated by life. I was so fascinated by doing something that I loved to do,” she recalled.

At Lizzy J Cafe, you’ll find Southern-style brunch made with Creole love. That means crab cake Benedict topped with hollandaise sauce. Catfish fillets fried to perfection sitting on a bed of grits; Fried chicken served with brown butter waffle and hoti syrup; and lemon ricotta pancakes topped with raspberry compote – just to name a few. There will also be a variety of teas, coffees, lemonades and smoothies to complement the dishes.

“I love the energy of lunch,” Gilmore said. “That seems to be the most social time…it’s like ‘we’ll have a drink, let’s go meet up, let’s catch up.’ It all goes with brunch.

Unlike most other restaurants in the market, Lizzy J Cafe will offer a full service and sit-down experience. You can book via Tok, but seating will be available for diners as well. And don’t worry if you’re not a morning person, the café will serve brunch from 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.


For those who can’t wake up right without some caffeine in the morning, Chi’Tiva is here to help. Owner Charles Wu’s all-day café serves a variety of drinks, from lattes and cappuccinos to cold drinks. Plus there are hot teas from Rishi Tea and other options like matcha lattes.

You might want to grab a snack with your coffee, so award-winning pastry chef Stephen Krizman has created a delightful array of pastries, desserts and breakfast items. Sample cakes, quiche, ham and cheese croissants, or one of their bagel sandwiches. If you want a snack later in the day, get a croissant, muffin, or danish.

The good things about Chi’Tiva don’t end there. Kreisman sweets provide a wonderful finishing touch to any meal and are sure to please a sweet tooth. There are classics, such as cheesecake and chocolate cake, as well as fresh fruit tart and chocolate marquise – a rich French favourite. You can try all of these starting at 8 AM Monday to Friday and 9 AM on weekends.

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