Love to eat snacks? Here is a list of snacks to pack for the USA

Written by Devi Pujari Updated: September 19, 2023

While sticking to your list of limits and not compromising on what your heart truly desires when it comes to snacks, it’s always smart to have a few options — both sweet and salty, in order to prepare for that random hunger craving.

Whether you’re traveling alone to the United States for the first time or visiting to meet someone, True Love knows the value of finding authentic snacks that remind you of home. Although it’s now much easier to find grocery stores in America that stock Indian-branded snacks, packing your personal stash for a late-night snack or to share with loved ones is worth the effort; And if you’re wondering what you can definitely add to your packing list, here’s a comprehensive list you can refer to.

Be it a packet of spicy, crunchy noodles, spiral chakli or even crusty matri – the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the right kind of homemade or pre-packed namkeen. Made from chickpea flour. However, it is best to ensure that your homemade namkeen is vacuum packed and sealed properly, to avoid it spilling or becoming soft sooner than expected.

Image credits: Tahara Sweets and Bakery

Carry frozen samosas, smiley potatoes and sliced ​​vegetables with you that you can heat up when needed. Although there is no shortage of frozen and ready-to-eat foods in the USA, finding something you like easily can take some time. Hence, it is best to prepare for tea cravings and have something on hand to overcome hunger pangs.

Pre-pack the dry ingredients for kormora, corn flakes and roasted peanuts, and mix them with the sauces that come in airtight containers when you’re ready to eat. Chop some fresh tomatoes and onions and garnish with plenty of chopped cilantro for a taste closer to home. Enjoy a bowl of delicious Indian trail mix or chivda with a cup of coffee while staying up late due to jet lag for a snack.

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Thin and crunchy whole wheat crackers come in different flavors – from pani puri to masala or even methi. Use these thin, dried, roti-like snacks in place of potato chips and mix them with hummus or a curd dip for a more substantial snack that will keep you full longer. Use khakhar as a base to add fun toppings like cheese, guacamole, and salsa to give your nachos an Indian twist.

Nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, and raisins are excellent snack options while traveling. Toast the almonds and season the cashews with the pistachio spice blend and salt for an extra dimension of flavor. Blend a few nuts and dry fruits together to make a healthy snack full of good fats and vitamins, in order to maintain your nutrient intake.

Image credits: Food and Cure

Instant mixes for popular dishes like dosa, idli, poha and upma can be suitable for Indian quick meals. Have you had a long day at work or in class? Simply add some water or liquid yogurt to your idli mix to get warm idli that you can enjoy with podi or coconut chutney. Do you wake up late in the morning and have little time to eat breakfast? Add hot water to the pre-mixed poha packet, while you prepare and have a warm breakfast.

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