Miami, FL, September 19, 2023 – ( – Meat N’ Bone – one of the nation’s largest direct-to-consumer retailers, has partnered with the American Lamb Board to spread awareness about agricultural, profile and culinary practices. Recipes, as well as the differences between domestic and imported lamb, among other topics make U.S.-raised lamb different from others.The distinction of American lamb begins with the fact that it is raised like beef and marbled like beef. It is bred for taste and tenderness. It offers an exceptionally light and buttery taste, and from a physical perspective, the average American lamb is much larger than the average imported lamb.

From a sustainability standpoint, American lamb is raised humanely, focusing on factors such as animal welfare, healthy communities and economic viability while ensuring the vitality of more than 800,000 American farmers, ranchers and future generations.

A nutritious product, these animals are raised on natural pastures consisting of high-quality grasses and hormone-free feed.

American Lamb is a new product that provides a great experience, along with a strong infrastructure that supports the well-being of its ecosystem.

As part of the partnership, consumers can access American Lamb’s landing page on the Meat N’ Bone website where they can access recipes, blog posts, videos and relevant information about the organization and its standards. Labels on all Lamb products offered at Meat N’ Bone will contain a QR code that when scanned will redirect the consumer to this landing page as well. Meat N’ Bone will also introduce American lamb through its retail stores and food and beverage operations.

Visit our landing page to learn more about the collaboration:

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