Meatless Udon Carbonara Recipe | in good health

Meatless Udon Carbonara Recipe |  in good health

The love child of carbonara and cacio e pepe, this vegetarian take on the two Roman classics features deliciously chewy udon noodles instead of noodles, plenty of curly onions and garlic, and a touch of soy sauce to make up for the lack of meat. The egg yolk works its magic, resulting in a delicious, creamy sauce without a drop of cream in sight. I prefer the sharp flavors of pecorino Romano and plenty of freshly ground black pepper for this, but Parmesan and ground red pepper flakes would be just as delicious. Reduce salt and taste at the end; Between the macaroni cooking liquid, the cheese, and the soy, there’s a lot going on already.

Don’t worry about scrambled eggs – by bringing the pasta together in the pan over low heat and allowing the warmth of the pasta cooking liquid to gently temper the eggs, the risks are reduced. If you have access to fresh or homemade udon noodles, it’s easy to swap 1:1 — just be sure to set the noodle cooking time according to the instructions.

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