Municipality of Bari – New organization of the construction site for the redevelopment of roads and sidewalks along Piazza Umberto I in Carbonara: work will start tomorrow

Municipality of Bari – New organization of the construction site for the redevelopment of roads and sidewalks along Piazza Umberto I in Carbonara: work will start tomorrow

Public Works Consultant Giuseppe Galasso announced that the works related to the adaptation, redevelopment and arrangement of the streets and sidewalks along Piazza Umberto I, in Carbonara, which must be started and reported by the end of this month for reasons related to the financing of the work will begin tomorrow, Wednesday, November 22, with activities for the construction of part of the space. Public located along the perimeter of the square.

In particular, the works, as already announced, will initially concern the part of the side of the square from which Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Vittorio Veneto depart, and in more detail they will concern the sidewalk facing the buildings, without any change in design. The direction of traffic, which will remain unidirectional, is clockwise relative to the square.

Specifically, construction work will be limited to the stretch extending from the Patronato di Venere church, the churchyard and the stretch of sidewalk in front of which will remain empty, to the intersection with Corso Vittorio Veneto: only in this area, which will also remain open to traffic, and parking will be prohibited. Inevitably on both sides to allow the work to be carried out safely, ensuring in all cases access to private property through paths and paths that have been prepared based on the progress of the work. Therefore, road traffic will remain unchanged, allowing public transport to also pass along the itinerary. As for the remaining three sides of the square, it will therefore be possible to continue to park cars regularly using the same parking methods currently in place.

Another small area dedicated to the storage of construction site materials will be created in the large area in Piazza Umberto I, at the confluence of Via Villa, Venezia and Quaranta, in the central area and next to the space allocated for bins, near some of the parking stalls located there.

“This new organization of the construction site welcomes applications from traders, residents and from the fourth municipality itself – he comments Giuseppe Galasso – Striking a balance between it and the need to start the works in question during the current month: in this way we avoid that the heart of the neighborhood suffers, during the Christmas period, from the inevitable inconveniences associated with the works, in terms of the reduction of parking spaces and traffic restrictions on vehicles, while ensuring the necessity of not discouraging Purchases in view of the upcoming holidays. At the same time, it responds to the need to start interventions and report expenditures by the end of the year, so as to allow us to use the identified funding source to implement this important redevelopment which will complete the renovation of the most important square in Carbonara.

Therefore, movement around the square will remain unchanged until January 7: a more impactful reorganization of the construction site will inevitably follow, since the redevelopment of Piazza Umberto I will include the repaving of all sidewalks and the simultaneous construction of new white sewers along the perimeter of the square, an intervention with which we hope to resolve The phenomenon of water flow that pours onto the square from the streets from the top of the source, with its suffering that everyone knows well during rainfall, even moderate intensity.”

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