Well, the game started and the Pines boys finally managed to have a bunch of passes and connect. The scoring came early when Morgan Depoydt crossed, the goalkeeper attacked the corner and Mason shot like a cannon, beat the goalkeeper to the ball, tapped it and passed it into the back net. After 10 minutes, AJ Muench made an angled run into the right corner past the ball across the goal mouth, the keeper brought the ball down and Mason Jahnke slotted the ball in for his second goal. At that point we pulled Mason who is still recovering and wants to try younger players. End of the first half Benz 2-0.

We came out in the second half and had possession and tried to play the ball wide of the goal to extend the D. They did a great job with that tactic but multiple offsides ended our attacks. I think a number of them had the referees right but about 3-4 didn’t understand the rule because they were calling forwards who were not actively playing on the ball. We need to be more aware as we run, but when your teaching of a skill and the calls are not accurate, I think it messes with the boys’ mentality. After several balls and physical play inside the box, in the 54th minute Cody Vogta launched a 1 vs 0 counterattack with the goalkeeper and a strong body check by an Antiguo defender put Cody on the ground to get the PK. Cody found the back of the net and took a 3-0 lead.

Like every game this season, we mentally break down and give up the big play. Antiguo never gives up and created some counter-attacks and in one we gave up a corner kick and my training partner on the bench said they were not showing any urgency in marking in the penalty area where we would score. Antigo plays the corner and finds Antigo’s head and they score. We had the game in hand but we needed this nonsense and we understood that we couldn’t be lazy and collapse. Final score: Pines 3 Antigo 1 and Pines gets their first win.

Pines Shots 28 Old 11

Shots on net: Pence 13, Antiguo 6

Corners Pines 4 Old 2

False Pines 8 Old 8

Bix Pines 1

Milo Albrecht made 6 saves

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************ *********************

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