Oku Izakaya Bar will open in Vancouver later this month

Oku Izakaya Bar will open in Vancouver later this month

A new original Izakaya spot is coming to Vancouver soon. Oku Izakaya Bar will bring this special Japanese-style bar to the city.

Deshed spoke to owner Takeshi Hasegawa, who explained more about the new concept.

He told us the menu will feature things like red tuna with blue cheese, hamachi with chimichurri sauce, kelp-marinated beef tartare, thick cooked pork belly, and more tapas dishes. In addition, there will also be sashimi, innovative hand rolls, and traditional Nigerian sushi.

“Our culinary approach involves precise processes such as combining cheese and sashimi, using kombu to enhance the beef, using low-temperature cooking for the beef tongue, and aging the pork belly to enhance the flavors,” Hasegawa said.

This is Izakaya Bar


The new restaurant is approximately 1,000 square feet with seating for 10 and 14-16 tables, for a total of 24-26 seats.

“My goal is to create a space reminiscent of a Japanese izakaya, where guests can casually come in,” Hasegawa continued.

“I envision a place where customers can enjoy specialty dishes, enjoy Japanese sake or chu hai, engage in conversations with our staff, and escape daily stress while having a good time. Whether alone, with friends, in small or large groups, before or after an event, I aim to To create an attractive space for everyone.

Oku Izakaya Bar is hoping for a soft closing at the end of the month.

When it opens, it will operate from 5 pm to 1 am daily, extending to 2 am on Friday and Saturday. There are also plans to offer lunch in 2024.

Be sure to check back here when the official opening date is announced.

This is Izakaya Bar

Title: 2 Water Street, Vancouver

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