STANTON, Calif. (KABC) — It’s easy to become a “PhoHolic”.

Morning, noon and night, customers crave traditional Vietnamese beef soup.

You can choose between pasta, beef, and vegetables in a delicious bone broth.

PhoHolic promises to take your taste buds to the heart of Vietnam.

“We’re in the heart of Little Saigon,” said Paul Chi, director of operations for Rodeo 39. “There are about 100-200 Pho restaurants here, and PhoHolic is absolutely number one.”

This location is located inside Stanton’s Rodeo 39 Market and opened in 2020. Customers can enjoy outdoor and indoor seating, large bowls of Pho, and a price tag of just under $10.

“The hard work we put into the bowl, the customer knows it,” smiled owner Tuan Pham.

Pham said his mother and father owned a Pho restaurant in Vietnam, and when they immigrated to America they wanted to share their 30 years of experience preparing the country’s most famous dish.

Most customers order a combined bowl that holds brisket, steak, and meatballs. You can decorate the dish with jalapeno, onions, a number of herbs and lemon.

Ribs are another popular item, served with a side of scissors for cutting, but the meat was falling off the bone.

SoCal is home to the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam – making PhoHolic the perfect place for those who grew up with the dish and foodies eager to explore something new.

“It’s always busy, you can see lines going in and out the door, and I think that makes it accessible for people who aren’t familiar with Pho,” Chi said.

“We’re very lucky because we’re so close to Little Saigon and we have 100 Pho shops around. But we still have a lot of customers visiting us every day,” Pham explained.

PhoHolic is open seven days a week from 8am to 10pm and has just been listed in the Michelin Guide.

They also have locations in Costa Mesa and Westminster.

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