One lucky Costco shopper may have snagged some ridiculously cheap wagyu nuggets

Unlikely in the technical sense and probably just a delicious, quality piece of meat bought for theft. If by chance it is indeed wagyu, it is likely American wagyu, not Japanese wagyu. One commenter pointed out that A5 Japanese Wagyu typically comes with an original distributor seal and is found in the freezer section of most Costcos.

Most opinions in the Reddit thread leaned toward the belief that this is a heavily marbled prime meat, an upgrade from Choice, and being sold as Choice due to labeling regulations. A self-proclaimed butcher confirmed it was marbled flap meat and explained that most establishments don’t separate flat meat to classify it as prime, even if it meets the standards. “That’s why once in a blue moon you’ll see some pieces that look beautiful,” they wrote.

Another butcher supported this idea, saying: “We definitely got wagyu-like meat and sold it as an option because a) it would spoil our stock if we sold it like anything else, and b) wagyu is a breed of cattle so we can’t legally sell it that way.” Anyway, the original poster got a quality piece of meat at a fantastic price. They also reported that it tasted great at multiple temperatures, but was best at medium temperatures, which is the ideal temperature for wagyu.

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