Oxygen Not Included celebrates the 50th update of the beloved Colony sim

Oxygen Not Included celebrates the 50th update of the beloved Colony sim

First class colony sim Oxygen not included It’s celebrating its 50th major update with the launch of the Packed Snacks upgrade on Steam. The space strategy game from Klei Entertainment, maker of many beloved indie games including Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja, Invisible Inc, and Griftlands, has an impressive and well-deserved 96% rating on Steam, as it sits on the cusp of a hack. 100,000 user reviews. Now, the latest update and huge discount on Steam sales make it the perfect time to jump in.

First released via Steam Early Access in February 2017 and then officially released in July 2019, Oxygen Not Included is a colony sim that begins with just three “duplicates” isolated on an asteroid, with only small pockets providing a breathable atmosphere. From there, you’ll build your space station, ensuring all the resources needed to keep your growing crew alive and happy while exploring the world around you. The result is one of the most entertaining and satisfying strategy games in recent years, and now it’s even better than ever.

In the Oxygen Not Included Packed Snacks update, two new buildings provide an easy way to save food during times of abundance to prepare for those less fortunate periods. The dryer building drains all the moisture from the prepared foods, leaving them in an inedible but non-perishable state that does not require refrigeration for safe storage. Then, when you need it, simply use the rehydration building to bring it back to normal, keeping “most of its flavor.”

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As you explore the new update, you’ll also encounter an abandoned laboratory that offers you the ability to utilize Zombie Spores to grow components that can be combined into mech robots that serve as bonus work. They must prove that they are a welcome addition, and that they can withstand working conditions that would be dangerous for your ordinary citizens.

The creatures have also been overhauled, with the mood system expanded. Gloomy creatures in particular can now become “miserable”, which will prevent them from laying eggs. There’s also a new “satisfaction” level that falls nicely between happiness and depression, but without the fertility boosts that a higher mood level provides. And to help boost their happiness are the new Critter Condo and Water Fort buildings.

There’s also a new germ-themed story theme, nearly 50 additional blueprints for your supply locker, a special tool for adding story themes to pre-existing saved games, an additional search function, and a Rocket Port addon for those of you who have Spaced Out DLC. The Oxygen Not Included Packed Snacks update is out now, and there’s also a sale on Steam to celebrate its arrival.

UPDATE PACKED SNACKS NOT INCLUDED - Replica slides on a puddle of spilled tea on the lab floor, while another person watches in shock.

Oxygen not included is 66% off on Steam until Tuesday, November 21st. Expect to pay just $8.49 / £6.45 to get started. You can also purchase the full bundle including the base game and its Spaced Out DLC for $14.16 / £11.01, a saving of 62%. Head over to Steam to grab your copy and find out why Oxygen Not Included ranks among the likes of Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress as one of Steam’s best colony simulation games.

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