Preston Pizza Express offers Dali’s pizza at special prices – Preston Blog

Preston Pizza Express offers Dali’s pizza at special prices – Preston Blog

Pizza Express Hot American Pizza

This week my daughter GZ and I thought we’d try takeaways from one of the big chains to see how they compare to independent restaurants and takeaways in Preston.


Pizza Express has been a fixture on Winkley Street in the city center for years. At peak times, diners always had to book in advance, but with the advent of delivery apps, there’s really no need to step out of your pajamas to enjoy Sloppy Giuseppe. Giuseppe can actually see how he’s enjoying dirty Karen for a change.

Fortunately for Giuseppe, GZ was sharing everything with me, so we played it safe and opted for the £16.25 Hot American incarnation. We paid extra to upgrade to a Romana base because – according to the website – it’s a larger, thinner and crispier pizza.

Maybe it was when he first left the building, but between that time and the short time it took him to arrive, he was less of a hottie in America and more of a 20-year-old catfish on Tinder. It looked good and tasted great, as most Pizza Express foods do, but the base was so wet that when I tried to pick it up, it fell onto my kitchen counter like a Salvador Dali clock.

Memory bizstance

A slice of rosemary polenta chips with Gran Milano, honey and mustard, for £5.45, fell at the same hurdle. They were so sweaty from the box that they joined my Dali installation, which I then sabotaged because I was hungry, and because it would increase its value tenfold, Banksy-style.

Although the flavors were lovely, it would also have been more enjoyable if they hadn’t completely deteriorated, but I didn’t say anything in case she made the same remark about me.

The buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes were also delicious, but they seemed to have put up a fight with the centrifugal force and lost a few men in the skirmish. The little pile of mozzarella was concave at the bottom, so it was quite poor value at £7.45.

Some panicked mozzarella and leftover tomatoes: still reeling from the accident at space camp

Finally, we had the Doppio dough balls – double servings with garlic butter, basil, pine nut pesto and smoked tomato harissa for £9.95.

Pizza Express’ dough balls are the best invention on the planet, so no complaints there, although the portion of each dip was thin, and the garlic butter looked as if someone had used a spoon to fill another tub with a decent portion and then mopped up what was left over. The harissa sauce was nice and tangy and the pesto was packed with everything Italian, but if garlic butter was Beyoncé it would be Kelly Rowland and the other.

Who got stuck in that garlic butter?

Our takeaway from Pizza Express wasn’t bad. Everything tasted great. But since everything except the tomato and mozzarella salad has to go into the air fryer to be de-soggy, we might as well have bought from the supermarket’s take-out Pizza Express line for a fraction of the price.

Preston has some great, great value independent pizza places that offer delivery; Moorbrook and Honest Jon are just two. So, given its premium prices, Pizza Express needs to ramp up its takeaway services.

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Have you ever had dangling dough balls? Do tell us about it in the comments.

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