Finger millet, commonly referred to as ‘ragi’, is a grain that is a storehouse of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and potassium. It is more nutrient-rich than regular wheat and rice flour. In fact, ragi contains the highest amount of calcium – which strengthens bones – among grains.

Many delicious dishes can be prepared with ragi, including some easy-to-make evening snacks. Here is the recipe for ‘kinnathappam’, a popular snack known for its sponge-like texture. Moreover, no yeast and baking soda are required to make ‘ragi kinathapam’, making it a healthy option.

1 cup yeast
1 cup grated coconut
250 grams of arugula
2 teaspoons ghee

to prepare
Clean one cup of ragi well and soak it in water for six hours
Next, grind the ragi in the bowl of a large blender with a cup of water
Add one cup of grated coconut to the ragi in the mixture and grind it again
Take the mixture out of the jar and extract the thick coconut milk (onam pal) with a sieve
Repeat this process in the mixture and extract the tender coconut milk (Randham Pal) as well
Heat a pan, take 250 grams of jaggery and dissolve it in a quarter cup of water
Get a thick-bottomed pot, pour the coconut milk into it, and put it on fire

Add the jaggery solution after sifting it
Stir the mixture constantly and add a teaspoon of ghee
Allow the liquid to freeze while stirring, and when it thickens, add another teaspoon of ghee
When the mixture becomes thick enough, transfer it to another bowl and add ghee to it
After the content cools, cut it into the shapes you prefer. Taste-packed ragi kinathapam is ready

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