Sangwoo Street serves Muslim-friendly Korean cuisine near Yishun MRT Station

Owned by Korean Muslim chef Jung Sang Woo. Sangwoo Street It is a concept under his food and beverage brand JUNGGA. This follows Chef Jung’s first restaurant, MyokjaHe continues his project to bring authentic Korean cuisine to the Muslim community in Singapore. Since Muslim-friendly East Asian food is difficult to find here, we decided to head to Sangwoo Street to review their food.

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Food on Sangwoo Street


Sangwoo Street has a small, focused menu with a selection of gimbap and bibimbap along with kimchi jjigae and teokbokki.


We started with Ttokbokki ($5)topped off $1.50 to cheese. Aside from the rice cakes, the dish also comes with a fried fish ball cut into two parts.


While I enjoyed the QQ texture of the teokbokki itself, my dining companion and I felt that the sauce was a bit sweet. The cheese also didn’t melt enough, so it was a little crumbly when eating it. However, its saltiness helped balance out the sweetness of the sauce.


the Sao Gimbap ($7) It was my personal favorite – it has pickled radishes, carrots, cucumbers, eggs and fried shrimp with mayonnaise sauce.


I liked the crunch of the vegetables and the fried shrimp batter, which gave some contrast to the softness of the rice and eggs. The sauce also added some moisture and flavor to the dish as a whole, and helped bring all the ingredients together.

Sangwoo Street Kimchi Jjigae Introduction

Then, we had it Kimchi jjigae ($9.50). It stars kimchi, silken tofu, and chicken luncheon meat served in a refreshing soup. It also comes with a bowl of rice, which pairs well with the soup itself and its ingredients, making the meal more filling.

Ingredients for kimchi-jijae

However, my dining companion and I agreed that the lack of fresh protein in this dish made it somewhat unsatisfying. If I were to go back, I would try them Fried chicken ($8.50) or Bulgogi Bibimbap ($9) Instead for something heartier.

Atmosphere on Sangwoo Street


Sangwoo Street occupies a stall inside Kedai Kopi, a small all-halal café located directly across from Yishun metro station And Yishun Bus Interchange.

Sangwoo storefront

Kedai Kopi doesn’t look like your average coffee shop, with rows of string lights, brightly colored signs, and wood-topped dining tables, making it feel like you’re in a mall food court.

There’s no air conditioning, though, so it’s a little stuffy. Fortunately, the place wasn’t crowded when we visited on a Friday afternoon, so we had to choose one under the fan.


Given its proximity to the subway station, Sangwoo Street is worth a try if you’re looking for Muslim-friendly options in the area. I also recommend it to Muslim food lovers who can’t get enough of Korean food and want to add another Korean restaurant to their list.

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Address: 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-211, Kedai Kopi, Singapore 760925
Working hours: daily from 11:30 am to 8:30 pm
Sangwoo Street is a Muslim-owned restaurant.

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Photos by Melvin Mack
This was an independent review by Eatbook.

Sangwoo Street review: A Muslim-owned Korean stall in Yishun whose main price is under $10

  • Sangwoo Street review: A Muslim-owned Korean stall in Yishun whose main price is under $10 – 7/10




– Provides Korean food suitable for Muslims
– reasonable prices
– Near Yishun metro station


-The tetokbokki sauce was a bit sweet
-There is no fresh meat in kimchi jjigae

Recommended dishes: Saewoo Kimbap ($7) and Kimchi Jjigae ($9.50)

work hours: Daily from 11:30 am until 8:30 pm

Title: 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-211, Cafe, Singapore 760925

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