Pokemon Fans who have already played through carmine And Violet and teal mask The DLC has unanimously fallen in love with Ogerpon, and he can’t stop talking about how adorable the little green legendary Pokemon is.

Before that Teal maskAfter his release, we didn’t have much information about the mysterious masked Ogrebon. But as we play through Kitakami’s new story, we quickly learn the history and truth behind this fearsome legendary Pokemon.

The Kitakami people believe that Ogrebone was an evil creature, but this is of course not the case at all. In fact, when the player first meets Ogerpon, he is shy and kind, and you know he would never try to hurt anyone. When the mask comes off, the little green ghoul has an adorable face with stars in his eyes and tiny fangs.

This is how Ogerbonne truly stole everyone’s hearts carmine And Violet Gamers, at least according to a Reddit thread dated September 14th. Everyone quickly agreed that Ogerpon is a healthy little Pokémon that needs to be protected at all costs. “Why do we have hands? There are many reasons: Pat Ogerpon. Hold Ogerpon. Cherish Ogerpon. Give up all human property to Ogerpon,” one player commented.

Many players have also found the perfect Poké Ball to catch the awesome Legendary in Buddy Ball. Not only does it match Ogerpon’s green design, but it also represents his sweet friendship with his coach. Fortunately, players can get a free Buddy Ball as a reward for filling out the Kitakami Pokédex.

If you don’t have a buddy ball available, another great option for Ogerpon is the Love Ball because this little bundle of joy has so much love to offer. You won’t regret using one of these rare Poké Balls on such a valuable person.

Perhaps the funniest part of all the love for Ogerpon is the hatred of the three loyal or “bad three” – Okidoji, Monkidori, and Vizandepete – after it is revealed how much hurt and pain they have caused Ogerpon in the past. Although the trio have always been seen as heroes in the eyes of the Kitakami people, the players know the truth and consider them nothing more than criminals and bullies to their dear Ogerbon.

On top of Ogerpon’s cuteness, she is also very powerful in battle thanks to her four different mask forms. So, once you catch this cutie, add him to your team for more power and good vibes only.

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