Scotchero Recipe – How to Make a Scotchero

Scotchero Recipe – How to Make a Scotchero

These crunchy, crunchy, peanut butter Scotchero are perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. There’s nothing more convenient than a quick no-bake dessert, and this variation on the classic Rice Krispie treat is sure to top everyone. Excellent for bake sales, but equally delicious as an easy after-school snack, Scotchero is a fun treat that everyone will want to have for a second.

What is a Scotchero?

Created by Kellogg’s in 1965, these fun chocolate peanut butter treats are also known as Rice Krispie Peanut Butter Treats. Because there were a lot of melted candy chips in the topping, this delicious dessert was called a scotchero. Unlike regular Rice Krispie treats, Scotchero’s are not made with marshmallows and butter. Don’t worry, they’re still sticky sweet masterpieces! The cereal is laced with a mixture of corn syrup or honey, sugar, and peanut butter. Don’t let the sugar and honey boil or they will be a little rubbery! After pressing them into a greased pan, they are covered with a coating of melted chocolate and candy chips. Once the chocolate is set, this dessert is ready to cut and enjoy!

What is the best way to store a Scotchero?

With super shelf-stable ingredients like honey, sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate chips, this Scotchero will stay fresh for over a week if kept in an airtight container. But these are so delicious it’s impossible to keep them around for long!

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