Secrets to a delicious Thanksgiving revealed: Pro tips from a Jacksonville baking guru

Secrets to a delicious Thanksgiving revealed: Pro tips from a Jacksonville baking guru

As Thanksgiving approaches, the need to gather all the ingredients for the holiday meal, practice food handling safety, and make sure to move the turkey from freezer to freezer is heightened.

“Well, it’s the Monday before Thanksgiving, so the biggest (tip) I can think of is to take those turkeys out of the freezer and put them in the freezer,” said Regina Cornish, baking instructor in Jacksonville High School’s culinary program. I want to try the thaw on Wednesday.

Vegetables and herbs help add flavor to dishes, as well as marinating the turkey.

“I think the biggest piece of advice I can give people for having a really successful, juicy turkey is to brine it,” Cornish said. “So, thaw it, and hopefully they’ve already thawed it or taken it out today and then soaked it in a simple brine the day before in a simple salt and sugar solution. That will give the meat a lot more flavor.”

Ultimately, Cornish said your vegetables will be roasted to create a base for your stock that will be used to add flavor to all foods. These vegetables include onions, celery, bell peppers and others of your choice.

“Make sure when you cook your turkey, you brush it with butter and herbs often,” she said. “Use a lot of fresh herbs in there and baste it often just to keep that dreaded skin in that melted butter and get those flavors into the meat.”

Some safety tips to pay attention to include making sure your knives are not dull – as this increases your chances of getting cut – and preventing cross-contamination of raw foods with cooked foods.

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