shouted Foo Fighter Dave Grohl at a 450-person lunch in Melbourne

shouted Foo Fighter Dave Grohl at a 450-person lunch in Melbourne

the main points
  • Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl funded lunch for 450 people while on tour in Australia.
  • Grohl, who loves to barbecue, helped prepare the meat for the event between shows in Sydney and Melbourne.
  • The American-style BBQ was a special event supported by the Big Umbrella Foundation and Frontier Touring.
Diners lining up for a meal in Union Square got more than just brunch on Friday, as many got an unexpected encounter with one of the world’s biggest rock legends.

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl prepared lunch for 450 food insecure people in Melbourne.

Dave Grohl and another volunteer, wearing black gloves, prepare cut meats in the kitchen.

Not only did Dave Grohl show up to serve some meals, he funded the entire event and oversaw the preparation of the slow-cooked barbecue meats. source: Instagram / Big umbrella

Not only did he join the volunteers in the sBut he paid for the American-style feast, took care of the meat and stopped to sign autographs after people realized who the man with the tongs and the hat was.

In Australia, as part of his band’s recent tour, Grohl, through his catering company Back Beat BBQ, supported The Big Umbrella Foundation (TBU,) which provides meals to people experiencing food insecurity and homelessness.

Victoria Wilson, TBU’s director of operations, said that although the fact that the former Nirvana drummer existed had to remain “top secret”, the musician was keen to oversee “every part of the process to make sure our friends down the street enjoyed all his efforts”. “. “.

The event was promoted to those the organization works with as a “one-off American-style barbecue.”

Wilson said it was an “added bonus” when some of the people in line looked up and realized who was serving them.
“It took 18 hours to take care of the meat, he would cook all night, and he did that, and then he arrived in MJ’s kitchen in the morning and he hadn’t slept at all, the guy is an absolute legend.
“He comes into our kitchen to make sure the meat is exactly what it should be to be able to present it and present it in the optimal way, so (he is) a complete chef.”

“He was still signing autographs and being nice to our friends when he was dragged away to board a flight to Sydney,” Wilson said.

A row of silver plates on tables with people serving food on one side and people getting food on the other side.

Dave Grohl spent hours at the event serving food and chatting with diners after spending some time in the kitchen the night before. source: Instagram / Big umbrella

The Foo Fighters performed in Sydney the following night.

While the organization usually limits lunches to a maximum of 250 patrons and due to financial constraints, can usually only provide small servings of meat, the band member’s support for the event meant it was able to be much larger.
“We have a real problem trying to get enough protein to serve our friends on the street, so we usually have to restrict the amount of meat we serve,” Wilson said.

She said there was no let-up in providing meals on Friday, as people were able to return for additional aid and take home containers of leftover food.

With the current high cost of living, some Australians are finding it difficult to cover daily meal costs.
The Food Bank’s 2023 Hunger Report found that 3.7 million households experienced food insecurity last year, representing a 3 percent increase over last year.
It also revealed that 48% of the general population were concerned or worried about consistent access to adequate food.

Helping those in need wasn’t just a one-off for Grohl, who has been involved in providing American-style barbecue meals to communities in the United States.

Frontier Touring, which connected Grohl with TBU, had employees helping out that day as well as part of the corporate volunteer group.
Wilson said while not everyone was working with a fantastic budget, any help people could give to help those in need over Christmas was welcome.
TBU is preparing Christmas baskets with food donations to be distributed next week.

Wilson said demand this year was much higher than previous years with more people needing nutritional support.

People in black shirts serving food.

Nat, from the YouTube channel, what I think Nat was also offering at this event with Dave Grohl, the duo had a lot of people doing double takes. source: Instagram / Big umbrella

“Donations to them have been very low this year compared to previous years, so we could definitely use some food donations and just financial contributions,” she said.

“All the money goes directly to feeding our friends down the street, so if someone has a spare $5 and wants to send it to us, that will feed someone and give them a really great Christmas meal.”

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