SUIC’s subsidiary IHart cooperates with three major catering groups in Taiwan’s famous braised food brands, Japanese Wagyu beef noodles, rice and coffee chains – to integrate into our patent

SUIC’s subsidiary IHart cooperates with three major catering groups in Taiwan’s famous braised food brands, Japanese Wagyu beef noodles, rice and coffee chains – to integrate into our patent

New York, New York and Taipei, Taiwan / ACCESSWIRE / November 20, 2023 / SUIC Worldwide Holdings Ltd. (OTC PINK:SUIC) Announced today, SUIC’s subsidiary IHart is working with three leading catering groups in Taiwan: Gai Bang Braised Meats, Hutong Roasted Meat Products and Noodles, and Ikari Coffee, each with several popular brands. Each of the three catering groups emphasizes the importance of its own food technology, which will be combined with SUIC’s patented fintech and artificial intelligence platform to enter the US markets.


Founded in 1989, the braised meat heating method we commonly see on the market was pioneered by “Gai Bang Braised Meat” using more than ten kinds of pure natural Chinese medicinal materials and soy sauce to refine the marinade. The central plant supplies ingredients to franchisees in Taiwan daily. As of November 2023, there are 65 Gai Bang Braised Meat store branches throughout Taiwan. For more information, visit their website at

Ji Yin Hutong International Group

Founded in 2005, G-Yen Hutong International Group is committed to developing various styles of foods and brands. Currently, it has “Hutong Roast Meat Midnight Snacks”, which focuses on exquisitely grilled Japanese-style meats, “Taipei Toriki” chicken skewers, “Ichigen” shrimp-flavored ramen, “Hutong Beef Noodles”, and “Hutong Beef Noodles, signature Japanese Wagyu beef “Ichigyu Raku”, Japanese eel rice specialty shop “Unagi Yondaime Kukawa”, charcoal grilled Wagyu hamburger steak “No Nami Niko” and more. In 2023, Hutong Roast Pork opened its 12th branch store. For more information, please visit their website

Ikari coffee

Founded in January 1994, Ikari Coffee ranked third in Foresight’s 2009 Service Quality Survey and the fourth premium brand in Taiwanese business services. It also won the 16th Annual Foresight Five-Star Service Award for the chain in the 2018 Coffee Service category for first prize. It has 16 branches as of November 2023. For more information, visit

“SUIC’s IHart partners with three major Taiwanese restaurant chain groups, each with multi-franchise brands, to provide unique multi-brand restaurants in the U.S. IHart is dedicated to showcasing Taiwan’s high-quality food brands on the global stage. This initiative renews our lifelong passion “And focusing on global expansion through value-added partnerships with our franchisees and suppliers.” said Hank Wang, CEO of SUIC.

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