Sun Chun claims to be the pioneer of the snack 烤奶皮, which can be directly translated to “baked milk crust” or “baked milk crust.”

The traditional version of milk crust/milk skin in China hails from Inner Mongolia and Tibet, which is made when milk is boiled and the milk proteins ferment to coagulate with the milk fat to form a layer on top of the liquid, which is then dried for consumption. .

Suncheon’s claim to fame lies in its unique baking technique, which transforms the milk crust into a thin, crunchy snack reminiscent of potato chips – the baked milk crust that became popular locally during its initial launch.

“We created this product category a few years ago, and to this day we still have 90% of the national market share.”said San Chun CEO Yuanhang Zhang FoodNavigator-AsiaDuring the Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) in Shenzhen, China.

“The key to creating this stronghold was actually thinking outside the box – many brands in the food and beverage sector today are innovating, but also following the flow when it comes to product development and then trying to compete through pricing.

“This is not the way we saw it moving forward, and instead we decided”curiousity’ Which basically means a strong focus on things that are unique, strange, unusual and unexpected.

“This way, the products developed will immediately become the first choice of consumers in the category because they are brand new, rather than entering a saturated category where consumers have too many options available.”

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