Swap adorable cookies for BS

Swap adorable cookies for BS

“It tastes like a thumbprint cake but requires less effort to prepare,” says food editor Shilpa Uskokovic. Here you do not need to roll out the cookies individually and brush them with jam after baking. Instead, the soft dough is shaped into a long log covered in jam, baked and then sliced ​​on the diagonal – the perfect shape for dipping into milk tea.

You will need: Your favorite store-bought jam, a hand or stand mixer, and a strong penchant for life hacks.

Getting together in an hour, “that’s a lazy proposition,” says Ines Anguiano, test kitchen coordinator. These may look like humble sugar cookies, but one bite reveals a sweet surprise: a chewy, baklava-like center. They’re packed with enough pistachios, honey, and warm spices to convince you to stuff all your sugar cookies in the future.

You will need: Crushed rose petals for the finishing touch and expert poker face.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” says Rachel Gurjar, associate food editor. Or, you know, a cookie with ingredients. These salty and spicy shortbread bites are the perfect foil to a table full of sweets—just what you need to reset your taste buds mid-swapping. Sharp cheddar cheese is the star of these delicious crackers, delivering a welcome burst of umami. It’s surrounded by a tinsel-red mixture of earthy Aleppo pepper and raw sugar, making it festive, too.

You will need: A hunk of cheddar cheese, some plastic wrap to form a piece of dough, and an open mind.

“It’s a crowd-pleasing cake that’s easy to make and love,” says Hannah Asbrink, deputy food editor. These cocoa-dusted morsels combine the richness of coffee in tiramisu with the buttery, crumbly texture of a classic snowball—a one-pot recipe with a lot of flair.

You will need: A fine-mesh sieve to remove dust from cookies and an apron — unless you want it to look like a snowball-shaped cookie.

Pro Tips

Digital Production Assistant Lee Goldstein polled our food editors to get their best tips for making the legendary cookie swap. Listen:

Cover your table with parchment paper. This way guests can write the names of their cookies right on the table, without the need for sticky notes. Bonus: Cleaning is a breeze.

Note any allergens. Another benefit of using parchment paper as a tablecloth: Everyone can (and should) write down any ingredients worth noting, like nuts or dairy.

Don’t forget the food. One cannot live on sugar alone! If you want the party to keep going, you need some real food. Make sure you provide apps – like a cheese ball, perhaps? – To make it easier.

Buy a set of bakery boxes. Leftover cookies make the best party favors. Relatively inexpensive and easy to find online or at craft or baking supply stores, cardboard bakery boxes are a beautiful and practical option.

Beverage duty representative. All this sugar makes people thirsty. Task any partygoers who don’t like baking to bring festive drinks, like hot cocoa, tea, wine, or a fun cocktail.

Make recipes easy to access. Create a shared document or folder with all the recipes, or print them out ahead of time so people can recreate any of the cookies they like later.

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