T-Mobile Tuesdays is getting a new home and a new brand

T-Mobile Tuesdays is getting a new home and a new brand


  • T-Mobile is known for its strong network and wide 5G coverage, making it the best choice for smartphone users.
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays offers weekly perks and discounts, including free items like hats and MLB TV subscriptions.
  • The app will be replaced by a new app called T Life, which will offer more than just exclusive perks and deals, with features such as a tracking map and home internet system status.

T-Mobile is a name you can expect on every list of the best phone companies. Offering a variety of multi-line plans and discounts, T-Mobile is a strong contender when deciding which carrier to choose from. Perhaps the biggest draw for T-Mobile smartphone users is its unparalleled 5G network. After acquiring Sprint in 2020, T-Mobile has built the most comprehensive 5G coverage map in the United States. Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced a new set of Go 5G plans accompanying its popular Magenta plans. In its latest move, T-Mobile is making big changes to its T-Mobile weekly customer perks app.

T-Mobile Tuesdays is an app that offers its customers perks, discounts, and even free items on a weekly basis. On first reading, it may be difficult to associate the word free with your cellular service provider, but yes, you read that correctly. The app’s offers range from a few dollars off at Domino’s or Dunkin’ Donuts to free hats and even a free subscription to MLB TV. T-Mobile Tuesdays was initially launched in 2016 and has seen major changes since its inception. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about the app), the next automatic T-Mobile Tuesdays app update will be the last.

Getting a $5 burrito coupon in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app was an important message to customers. First highlighted by Android Authority, during the next automatic app update, T-Mobile Tuesdays will switch to a new app called T Life. Yeah, I’m not sold on the name either. More important than the name is its functionality, and it looks like the new app will do more than just offer perks. According to T-Mobile, “You’ll still be able to get great perks and exclusive deals, plus you’ll enjoy access to benefits and more ways to connect with what’s important.”

Fortunately for Metro customers, the new T Life app will still be available to Metro and T-Mobile users. Although a specific release date has not been announced, T-Mobile has clarified that the transition to T Life will be automatic. T-Mobile’s Tuesdays overhaul shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, especially if you’re a long-time user. The app has evolved from offering one-day deals on Tuesdays to weekly offers and even year-long exclusives. The new branding is more in line with what the app will offer, which will apparently host all the exclusive perks as well as more features and ways to connect.

The T Life announcement didn’t give us a lot of concrete information, but it did show a sneak peek at the app’s layout. The T Life app will be divided into three pages: Home, Tuesday and Contact. T-Mobile also previewed some of the cool features we can expect with the new app. The “Global” section presents us with a map that links to all T-Mobile SyncUP trackers; The other is a page that displays the status of all T-Mobile home internet systems. The new app will be more than just a perks app and will be available during the next T-Mobile Tuesdays auto update.

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