T-Mobile’s upcoming offer includes a discount for all postpaid customers and a free device

T-Mobile’s upcoming offer includes a discount for all postpaid customers and a free device

T-Mobile has already announced some great holiday deals that can get you free new smartphones and watches and discounts on new lines, and it looks like the carrier isn’t finished yet and could be announcing a new deal soon.
According to internal documents seen by The Mobile Report, the new promotion will take $20 off high-speed internet if you activate a new home internet line. The best part of the deal is that it is not limited to premium plan subscribers as all postpaid and business customers with 12 or fewer lines are eligible for it. Even subscribers to older plans like ONE and Simple Choice can take advantage of the deal.
After a $20 discount on high-speed internet, your monthly bill will be reduced from $50 to $30. You will get bill credits with automatic payment.

You will not be required to make any purchase as the internet gateway device will be provided to you free of charge.

At this point, this is just a leak. According to the official-looking leaked document, this deal will go live on November 22. You will be able to subscribe to it online and at T-Mobile Retail stores.

However, since nothing is confirmed at the moment, T-Mobile You may withdraw it at the last minute or change the details of the transaction. Therefore, when it is published, you should go through all the details before claiming it rather than assuming that it will be exactly like what is described in the report.

The mobile report raised the possibility of being able to combine this high-speed internet line deal with existing deals, like Blink’s home security offering, but nothing is confirmed at the moment.

T-Mobile She may do things that annoy customers every now and then, but every once in a while, she makes offers that remind us that she really likes to treat her subscribers.

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