Thanksgiving meal planning while managing and preventing diabetes

Thanksgiving meal planning while managing and preventing diabetes

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – Thanksgiving dishes can be friendly to those managing and preventing diabetes this year through intentional cooking, according to Sentara RMH’s Diabetes Program. Some recipes may replace sugar, but those recipes often contain sugar alcohols, which a diabetes specialist does not recommend for anyone.

“It doesn’t necessarily eliminate our sugar cravings, so it can be harmful and kind of increase our hunger as well as our foraging to try to find a way to satisfy our bodies,” Laura Williamson, a certified diabetes education specialist, said.

Sticking with more nutrient-dense whole foods and less processed foods is the way to go, said Laura Williamson MS, BSN, RN, CDCES.

Williamson is a diabetes specialist at Sentara RMH who said holidays can pose major challenges for people managing diabetes or trying to prevent it.

Her advice for people who want to keep their blood sugar from rising is to go to the Thanksgiving table with a plan.

“Consider not only what they eat, but also how much they eat, so if it’s a family member or friend’s favorite recipe, you have to really think about the serving size and don’t forget the importance of activity,” Williamson said.

The A1C test for someone with type 2 diabetes is based on average blood sugar, which health professionals say can rise during the holidays if people aren’t mindful of their food intake.

Walking for ten minutes after a meal can help manage blood sugar, Williamson said.

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