The 12 best large cuts of meat for grilling

If the oven can roast a 20-pound bird, the grill can produce the juiciest, smokiest turkey ever. Safer than frying a whole turkey, lidded roasting works just like a convection oven, especially when using indirect heat to cook a whole bird. Not to mention, you’ll free up the oven for the all-important pies and side dishes that are the highlights of your Thanksgiving table.

To reduce cooking time, try to cook the turkey exactly as you would chicken. Distributing the surface area of ​​the meat into a single layer helps ensure even cooking and can help prevent the turkey from drying out.

As for flavors, start with a dry brine of coarse salt, ground black pepper, and a few seasonal aromatics like thyme and rosemary. Cover the bird liberally (inside and out) and leave it in the refrigerator for at least 12 and up to 48 hours before cooking. The salt draws moisture out of the meat before reabsorbing it into the skin, resulting in a tender, well-seasoned final product.

Other than brining, there’s not much to do to the turkey before roasting. For a little smoky flavor, try adding a small piece or two of apple or cherry wood to your grill’s charcoal. Even when grilling over indirect heat, a turkey only takes about 90 minutes to reach the main temperature of 165°F. Let the meat rest before carving it and serving it to an appreciative audience.

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