No matter what you use it for,… Camp Chef Italy Artisan Pizza Oven It can take the heat. In fact, it only takes 15 minutes to preheat and can reach temperatures of over 700°F, so just three minutes separates you from your precious pizza. This outdoor gas pizza oven is designed to operate like a traditional brick oven, with a double-layered roof to trap heat and a built-in ignition valve and fine-tuning valve to give you complete control over the flames. but this is not all. A built-in thermometer monitors the air temperature, so your crust stays crispy rather than burnt, while your cheese melts into a nice, gooey texture that rivals cartoon slices.

Features a 1-pound disposable propane bottle, regulator, and brightly colored knob to light the furnace and control fuel output. Camp Chef Italy The stainless steel construction provides a virtually seamless experience from setup to cleanup. But if you’re in the mood for something besides pizza (hey, it can happen!), the oven’s vented door makes it possible to function as a traditional oven as well — which comes in especially handy during the summer, when you’re trying to whip up a Greek salmon dinner Refreshing without heating up your entire home.

The Good Housekeeping Institute expressed its appreciation for Camp Chef Italy A 1/2-inch thick, 13-inch deep Cordierite ceramic pizza stone, which provides “more cooking surface and… good heat retention even if you turn off the flame.” However, they lamented the oven’s overall size, saying, “Although you can power the oven with a small disposable propane bottle, the unit weighs 47 pounds, which prevents it from being easy to carry. Fortunately, it comes with a length of hose 5 foot furnace adapter with standard propane tank.

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