The Aqua Teen Hunger Force creators discuss the new episodes

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force creators discuss the new episodes

For a long time, Adult Swim has lived in harmony and has been kept that way by the mysterious food-themed trio, the Aqua teen hunger force. But when the world needed them most in 2015, their show was cancelled. Years have passed, the world has descended into chaos, and now they are back to save us again.

The epic comeback began with short films on YouTube, then an original film, Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasm, and now a new five-episode season is on the horizon and ready to deliver even more of what we love. The new season is scheduled to premiere on November 26 at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim, then on Max the next day. Aqua teen hunger force creative people, Dave Willis And Maiellaro diedsat down with MovieWeb to chat about the new season, as well as take a look at what made the show so special to begin with.

An “enthusiastic” return.

Water teen hunger force

Aqua teen hunger force
release date
December 30, 2000
He slanders
Dave Willis, Dana Snyder, Carrie Means, Eric Wareheim
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the Aqua teen hunger force The gang first appeared on another Adult Swim series, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. The characters looked a lot different at the time and acted like a real superhero team. The idea of ​​the characters as a group to stop crime carried over into the then-new series but was dropped early on. This was done because the “Crime Stoppers” element was a ruse to satisfy Cartoon Network executives who were skeptical about a more lax premise.

The trick ended for everyone’s benefit, resulting in… Aqua teen Becoming a juggernaut in Adult Swim’s original lineup. The series ran for an impressive 11 seasons before being canceled in 2015. Maiellaro was eager to return to produce more episodes, saying: “We wanted to keep producing it, and when they brought it back we were eager to get started!” Willis, “However, I wasn’t ready to do that.” I had to convince him. “It took a long time downstairs.”

Willis chimed in, adding:

“Power Tools, yeah. It’s kind of funny to me, when we were making the show, I think the first episode… I never thought we could do one episode and they could say, ‘This is terrible, we’re never going to do more That’those.’ I loved it so much, and I think Matt did too. At the time, the show was very short, and we didn’t have a budget. And the fact that we’re making it, five new episodes in 2023, is just a testament to the positivity and optimism in the face of everyone who’s fighting it.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is getting a facelift

Aqua teen hunger force
Adult swimming

Willis described their pet project as “the little show that can,” and that’s certainly no understatement. when Aqua teen hunger force Initially premiered, it was animated with what would now be considered iconic solidity. The first 11 seasons Aqua teen All creatively animated using Adobe Photoshop graphics animated using Adobe After Effects. But new horizons have emerged this year. Bento Box Entertainment, responsible for shows like Bob’s Burgerhas since stepped in to stir up the popular modern food, starting with Plantasm It continues for the next five episodes. Willis comments on how the dynamic of production has changed.

We’re going up the loops now like a real cartoon. Do you know all the other cartoons that appear on TV? They start with the storyboards, and I’ve seen all those “behind the scenes” features. We’ve never had storyboards, ever, ever! This is madness.

“And all of our animators are still the same people who have been with us since the beginning,” Willis continued. “The guy, this year’s animation director is Todd Ridner. He started with us on Episode 7. A lot of animators say, ‘We’ve got more money, less time.’ This has always bothered me, I’ll fix this! They say: “It bothers me that Chic only has one expression, I’ll give him another expression! I don’t care what they say!”


Since the announcement of Season 12, a few fans have expressed complaints about the reduced number of episodes compared to past seasons. But the trailer for the season promises many more big and amazing moments than ever before, as well as some other traditions. Aqua teen hunger force It is very popular due to its fluid dialogue, surreal visuals, and even a few celebrity guests here and there. These past guests have included the likes of Patton Oswalt, Seth MacFarlane, Bill Hader and more. When asked if there was any star he dreamed of, Maiellaro said: “Gosh, we’d love to get Brian Cox, Lance Hendrickson, Danny Trejo, we’d love to get those guys…”

Willis nodded before saying, “Oh, wait! We’ve got them! This season, in your living room, thanks.” Aqua Teen!He went on to add that “it would have been nice if Wesley Snipes had called us back.” But Maiellaro said: “We’re not trying again.” So, apparently, Snipes’ ship has sailed.

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Aqua teen hunger force It is preparing to deliver more of what makes it work in the best ways, to the delight of fans all over the world. Although there has been no news of another reboot, its existence is due to its success Plantasm There may prove to be more adventures with Shake, Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl at the table. When asked if they were willing to do more episodes after this one, Maiellaro initially threw a curveball:

No, that’s enough. five? Very difficult, very painful, it took a lot from us. We need another eight-year break. No, wait, we’d like to do more and more and more.

“If the network doesn’t pick it up,” chimes in Willis, “we’ll start selling it at farmers markets and outside public sporting events from our drive-thru.”

Even though the season is short, all five episodes seem to be home runs. When asked if there were any favorite episodes in the upcoming season, Maiellaro responded, “All five.” Meanwhile, Willis shrugged, saying: “How do you choose between your five children? All five! Golden and perfect! Flawless! How do you choose favorites?

You can find out if you agree with Willis when the first two episodes of the series air Aqua teen hunger force It premieres on Adult Swim on November 26 and on Max the next day.

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