The best meatball recipe ever + 4 tips before preparing it

The best meatball recipe ever + 4 tips before preparing it

the meat
What makes these meatballs so tender? fat. Specifically, 80% of ground beef is lean for an ideal meat-to-fat ratio. Some people like to use blends, and if you’re getting delicious beef, pork and veal from the butcher, by all means do so. If you’re buying ingredients at the grocery store, where ground pork and veal can vary in flavor and texture, we stick with beef. The addition of chopped prosciutto adds a flavorful, rich dimension to these meats.

The fact is that you can boil meatballs by placing them directly in the sauce. But browning them before braising them caramelizes the exterior, resulting in rich aromas, deeper color, and more complex flavor. The trick is to make sure the meatballs aren’t too big; We really thought about size when developing this recipe. If the surface area is large, it will take a long time to brown the sides evenly. You want to be able to quickly whip them into the pan, then pop them out (and onto your plate full of pasta!).

We’ve kept the classic spices; There’s a reason people turn to it forever and ever. Fennel, oregano, nutmeg, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and salt. But you can use whatever you want here. It’s the most subjective part of the recipe. Don’t like too much heat? Leave out the red pepper flakes. Don’t you love the taste of nutmeg? Replace it with something else. The most important thing is to season strongly, even if it is with lots of salt and pepper. The meatballs should be able to stand up to being cooked in the sauce without losing their flavor.

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